What happens when an impromptu swashbuckling adventure pops up in front of you? Thanks to UE Boom and musician Lindsey Stirling, some excited shoppers got to find out. Check out the video for “Master of Tides” and experience the thrill of dance and classical, mashed together with spectacular choreography. Visit www.MakeMusicSocial.com to learn more.

Entertainment news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER is brewing up a “special project” with CODY SIMPSON last Tuesday.


Bieber codyJustin Bieber had collaboration plans with Cody Simpson last month but it was stalled due to his legal problems. Now that some of it have been resolved, Bieber is glad to focus on the more important things, which is creating music. Bieber and Simpson have posted photos of them together composing their upcoming beautiful song.

In recent entertainment news, TAYLOR SWIFT wished SELENA GOMEZ a happy birthday last Tuesday on Instagram!

Happy birthday!

taylor selena Countless bogus reports have stated that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have ended their friendship for good. The truth is, they’re really the best of friends and it has been that way for the longest time. Despite all the fake drama that gossip sites are telling, Taylor and Selena have been in good terms catching up with each other via FaceTime or any other means of communication.

Hollywood news has reported that ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is Forbes’ highest paid actor of 2014!


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No one would believe that Robert Downey Jr. had a troubling past. Before he became this famous actor, he was once a drug abuser. But look at him now, he’s a father, an established actor, an accomplished man, and a very rich man — heck, he’s on his way to being the real “Iron Man”!

According to the latest Hollywood news, MARK RUFFALO has lost his wallet but luckily it was returned by a fan via Twitter!


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We have all known Twitter to be a really good platform for fans to follow celebrities, but mostly to attack the haters of their idol. Celebrities and stars alike have been victimized of this unwanted hate and nastiness in this platform from various followers so it’s really nice to hear that Twitter has been used for something good. This good deed involves “The Incredible Hulk” actor, Mark Ruffalo and his lost wallet.

In recent star news, ELLEN PAGE was named PETA’s sexiest female vegetarian.


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Ellen Page is the latest talk of the town! After coming out of the closet, all eyes were on her. There was even a rumor that she was dating Shailene Woodley! People have actually been really supportive of her and she is grateful for the positive attention that she’s getting.

Now, Ellen Page is getting new positive attention and being recognized as sexiest female vegetarian for this year.