According to the latest Hollywood gossip, MILEY CYRUS hooked up with JUSTIN BIEBER‘s dad JEREMY?


MC JeremyLast year, Justin Bieber was rumored to be flirting with pal Miley Cyrus but it wasn’t clear if he really did. This year, rumors surfaced that the two hooked up, but Miley slammed them all. Maybe the single pop star isn’t really hooking up with Justin because she’s secretly hooking up with his dad?!

LORDE postponed her tour dates because she has a “nasty chest infection,” entertainment news has reported.


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The young singer who likes to keep it real has been very successful so far with her new music and loyal fans. She has gotten a lot of awards early this year from Grammy’s and the BRIT awards. Lorde has been touring the US and performing in different states and will now be touring Australia.

Star news has reported that DANIEL FRANZESE came out as gay in a letter to his “Mean Girls” character Damian.

Very touching!

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After almost ten years, the movie “Mean Girls” is still one of the iconic movies that we remember. Besides the troubled actress, Lindsay Lohan, we also remember other cast members who acted magnificently in the movie just like Daniel Franzese. Daniel, who recently reunited with co-star Lindsay, played the hilarious character Damian who claims that “he’s too gay to function.”

TAYLOR SWIFT hunts for Easter eggs on the beach while in a tiny bikini, as seen in a new photo that she shared for Hollywood news.

Check her out:

Taylor Swift

During her recent Easter vacay, Taylor Swift didn’t dress like a bunny or pose with any lookalikes but reportedly followed tradition and went looking for eggs… on the beach.

The country songstress donned a bikini for the hunt, which she evidenced with a photo of herself on Instagram on Monday.

bKRISTEN BELL and JENNA DEWAN-TATUM went naked for the newest issue of Allure, celebrity news has learned.


Kristen Bell for Allure

Kristen Bell has made it clear that she has a problem with the “pedorazzi” and the exploitation of kids in Hollywood… but apparently not with nudity.

The singer-actress went nude for the newest issue of Allure magazine, as did Channing Tatum‘s equally hot wife and baby momma, Jenna Dewan, as well as other stars Nia Long and Minnie Driver.

Jenna Dewan Tatum for Allure

Entertainment news has learned that BLAKE SHELTON tweeted that ADAM LEVINE is a “complete vag”!


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When Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are not competing as coaches in “The Voice,” the two have a great bromance going on. They like to make fun of each other by sending funny photos and crazy tweets. This time, Blake called the “Sexiest Man Alive” a “Complete Vag”!

Blake tweeted:

”Hellooooo Hollywood!!!! I’m here and I have been drinking!!!! B*tch.”