Lindsay Lohan may be sentenced to one-year imprisonment if convicted of possessing cocaine, as under Californian law it is an offence punishable by jail term. Amazing how Lohan is still out partying till she drops after her arrest (not yet jailed) on Saturday early wee hours.

Lindsay Lohan & her running buddy, Samantha Ronson





These images were taken early this morning at a gas station, as Lindsay was driven by Samantha Ronson from a Memorial Day pool party at Teddy’s at the Roosevelt Hotel around 4 am. Lindsay and Sam arrived at the club around 2 am and left about an hour an a half later. The photos speak for themselves …

According to Janathon Jaxson, a former Hollywood publicist, Lindsay Lohan & DJ, Samathan Ronson have a lesbian relationship together. It doesn’t shock me at all. When is this 20-year-old going to learn?

Now, Lindsay Lohan has decided to head back to rehab.. didn’t she spend 30 days in rehab just a few months back? Lohan completed her 30-day treatment at the Wonderland rehab in LA just this February 16th. Deprivation just did her more damage than good. Hmmm. Lohan is due to check into Malibu’s Promises this afternoon – Britney’s old rehab. Now, how long is this going to help her curb her hard partying urge?

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You don’t become a saint just by going to church! I think Lindsay Lohan has to realize that going to rehab doesn’t necessary help her cut back her booze & drug use. Self-control my dear!

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