Shakira doesn’t just shake her hips, the Latina beauty is academics! Shakira has been taking a class at UCLA called “Introduction to Western Civilization: Ancient Civilizations from Prehistory to Circa A.D. 843.”

shakira hip

For years Shakira, the 30-year-old Latin¬†pop star has studied on her own, also taking tutorials on the history and languages of the countries she visits, Shakira’s manager,¬†Kurzman said.

The class began Aug. 6 and ended Thursday, though Shakira didn’t attended the last few classes, according to course lecturer Robert Cleve. Cleve said he hadn’t known she was a celebrity during the course and was astonished to learn she was a pop star.

“She told me she was visiting from Colombia and that she was just doing this for her own enlightenment and enjoyment,” Cleve said. “She looked like just an ordinary student. She wasn’t flamboyant … she didn’t act like a big celebrity or anything.”

Shakira, who sat near the front in the third row of the lecture hall, would often discuss the course material with him after class.

“I was really impressed with how intelligent she was,” said Cleve.

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