Keira Knightley really has no breasts! She’s as flat as the airport runway, isn’t she? Now I can see why she said Beth Ditto is so sexy.. ewww. (click here Keira Knightley thinks Beth Ditto is so sexy). Knightley looks a bit anorexic, doesn’t she? By the way, she’s at the premiere of her new movie Atonement in Los Angeles.

Keira december 07 07

And her dress, how does it stay on like that, superglue? Ok, I have to say something nice about her now since I have been picking on her. It’s a good attitude to find something nice to say about that person after you’ve been bitching. I like her color of lipstick, I don’t like her in bright red. Another thing, Keira looks great anyway with her flat chest.

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