Emily Blunt, the star of Devil Wears Prada poses for GQ magazine February 2008 issue.  Blunt looks absolutely amazing. Emily Blunt & James Blunt, the singer of You’re Beautiful? Petra Nemcova’s ex-boyfriend? They wanted to play a prank on the world’s media — by starting a rumour they were feuding relatives.

Emilyblunt january 14 08

The ‘You’re Beautiful’ hitmaker and The Devil Wears Prada star, who are friends but not related, dreamed up a plan to send the gossip mills into overtime, because they are always mistaken for being from the same family.

Emily, 24, says, “James Blunt and I are thinking of starting a rumour in the press that we are actually related but that we hate each other, and neither of us is willing to admit to it. He’s a buddy — we talked about it because we both get asked about it all the time. I guess we both have brown hair and blue eyes and are British — of course we’re related.”

And of course they have the same last name so it’s easy to be mistaken, isn’t it?

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