Rumor has it that the beautiful 19 years old, Rihanna is dating Chris Brown! Well, she’s 19, he’s 18, they are both legal in that sense but they can’t go to the bar together not in the States anyway. Apparently, these two have been spotted in different places together and more so lately. The thing is they do work together so what’s the matter with being spotted together?

Rihanna february 12 08

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Ok, it’s Hollywood males and females can’t be just friends, can they? They are both so darn talented. Both really cute, they’re both nominated as the sexiest musicians according to Victoria’s Secret’s What is Sexy list. Rihanna is the sexiest female and Chris is the male.

Seriously Rihanna is hot but Chris Brown? Besides cute, Chris can dance! I always thought Michael Jackson can dance so can Usher Justin Timberlake. As for Chris Brown he’s the best dancer around!

I never get enough of their Umbrella video: Watch video of Rihanna & Chris Brown: Brown comes out half way into the video, you get Jay Z before that:

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