Kate Beckinsale does Esquire magazine March 2008. Boy, Beckinsale looks sexy, amazing, absolutely gorgeous! I love Beckinsale! The Underworld star talks about her gorgeous husband Len Wiseman: “I have a husband who lit-erally worships me. And cleans the house. And blow-dries my daughter’s hair.” Can you blame him? – Esquire

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On her job:
“Acting requires so much delving into yourself and exposing yourself, so it’s sensible to be wondering, Do I still want to be doing this? But I enjoy the work, and everything is so solid at home. I don’t care if they say I’ve had buttock implants. Or not. I don’t care. Go ahead! That’s the nice thing about getting to the age I am. I could have said I didn’t care before—but secretly I did. And now I really don’t.”

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