Mariah Carey’s breasts, are they real or fake? Well, she’s never came out and say they are implants so we can only guess. I have always remembered Carey for her larger than life breasts and of course her great songs. So I don’t think she has any implants but according to many she has. Let’s hear what Plastic Surgeon, Tony Youn has to say about Mariah’s breasts back in 2006.

Carey march 13 08

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(( In the last few years, she [Mariah Carey] has gained a bit of weight and it seems that her breasts have at least doubled in size. She appears to have had a breast augmentation, with the implants placed below the muscle. This accounts for the space between her breasts, and the fact that she really can’t move them together to get midline cleavage, ala Dolly Parton. This is a classic sign of breast implants placed under the muscle. I tend to place the implants both above and below the muscle, depending on the wishes of the patient. Mariah has also either had her implants upsized recently, or her breasts have grown as she and her career have.)) -CCS

Real or fake, I don’t know but Mariah is Mariah, she looks great and she sounds even better. Her new album “That Chick” comes out on April 1st! Don’t forget to buy it!

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