Kim Kardashian wants to make a calendar as her one year anniversary gift for boyfriend, Reggie Bush. In order to make it the hottest photo shoot ever, she had to get in shape. Worked out like crazy. Kim decided to go for cellulite treatment as well. Don’t they have something called “photoshop” – won’t that be easier?

Kimcalendar may 09 08

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You have got to read about it! It is basically a non-surgical device that massages the needed area and stimulates the blood circulation so that it minimizes cellulite. I only had time for one treatment, but I am definitely planning to go back for more! -source

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Kim Kardashian Ralph magazine May 2008 

Kim Kardashian in her red bikini

Kim Kardashian on the cover of Playboy magazine again!

Guess Kim Kardashian’s butt

Kim Kardashian’s butt is real so she claims

Kim Kardashian & sisters will be in Girls Gone Wild magazine

Kim Kardashian topless for Travis Barker’s FSAS

Kim Kardashian topless for Christopher Brian

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