Paris Hilton thinks her boyfriend Benji Madden is “cheap”. Wow, so this could be the first sign of their relationship not as lovey duvey as it has been?

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Paris started dating the Good Charlotte rocker, Benji,¬†the twin brother of Nicole Richie’s dude, Joel Madden¬†earlier this year. Paris is said to be fed up with Benji forgetting to bring his wallet when they go out to dinner or visit a club.

A source tells Star magazine as reports by Showbizspy, “Benji never seems to have cash on him to pay for things and tip people, which means Paris always carries cash around.

“She feels like it’s easier to throw down a hundred-dollar bill than wait for Benji to fish around for a credit card, which he probably left at home.”

Benji claims he’s just forgetful, but Paris, adds the source, “is starting to feel like he’s cheap.”

Purposely or forgetful, it’s still annoying. It’s really not the money but it’s the principal. I am the old fashioned gal, and the guy should dig deep into his pockets. It’s not an issue of money for Paris. So Paris could very well be back the drawing board in no time…

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Do you think Paris and Benji make a good pair?

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