Shia LaBeouf arrested for driving under the influence. LaBeouf has fallen into the typical young Hollywood celebrity pattern: Once they become famous, make a bunch of money, start drinking worse drinking and driving. Eww

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Shia didn’t have such a great night Saturday.  He was out with a couple friends late Saturday, when he got caught turning left – in to another car.  Shia’s truck rolled and then the cops arrived.  And of course, TMZ has the pictures.

If it would have been a run of the mill accident, that would have been one thing.  Except it wasn’t.  Shia was drunk.  He was booked on DUI, then headed to the hospital, where he had to undergo surgery for his hand that was badly injured.  And now guess what?  His surgery will require shooting of Transformers 2 to be put on hold!  I bet the producers don’t like that…Shia just made himself way harder to insure on movie sets.  He should call Lindsay and get some pointers…

Photos: PR Photos

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