Tennis pro Ashley Harkleroad poses for Playboy magazine August 2008 issue. Her 8-page photo nude photo spread was released this week and has the tennis world talking…

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photo of Ashley Harkleroad on Playboy magazine cover after the jump…

Ashley, 23 the US pro ranked 72 in the world perhaps never really set the tennis court on fire but she sure has made herself noticed by being the first female tennis pro to do a Playboy cover shoot. Although she’s not even close to being the first athlete to go nude for Playboy. There have been a long list of athletes opting for this additional exposure including a few WWE divas and even Olympic athletes.

Ashley said she wanted to do the shoot to show athletic women could be sexy as reports by 

“For me, I have a very natural body,” Harkleroad said. “I’m an athlete who is fit and not very big-busted at all.

“I’m proud of that. I wanted to show that female athletes, who are fit and muscular, can have very beautiful bodies just like regular models.”

What does her boyfriend, fellow US tennis pro, Chuck Adams think of her photo shoot? He loved it and he even helped her negotiate the deal with Playboy! Hmmm. Very liberated!


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