Barack Obama gets all the girls, I said that in my Jessica Alba post. He’s got Jessica Alba’s support, Kim Kardashian, Candice Michelle.. just to name a gorgeous looking ones. Does anyone remember Amber Lee Ettinger? The Obama Girl?

Here’s the video of I Got A crush on Obama: We posted The Obama Girl back in 2007, over a year ago.  It has a tune and a very sexy model.

The above video in which Ettinger made her debut “I got a crush on Obama” has been viewed by close to a whooping 10 million viewers all over the world.

 Since then there’s been a lot of riffs like “Reagan Girl”, “Russian Obama Girl”…  Obama Girl now has competition in the form of McCain Girl, who let’s just say, isn’t quite as sexy when she’s angry.

Here’s Incredible McCain Girl, not half as nice in my opinion:

Want more laugh? Here’s Obama vs McCain Girl Olympics Part 1:

You can go to Barely Political to view more funny videos of our Presidential candidates.. oh including Sarah Palin makeover

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