OK, so you know Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson ran off to Canada and got married this weekend.  Here’s what you don’t know: well, errr, ummmm, so….they kept it such a good secret, NO ONE has details.  Yet. 

9 29 08johanssonfront

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Friends haven’t even called in the rags to act as sources and give details.  Probably because they don’t have cell phone service up there, but whatever.  Not one magazine even has a tidbit as to the dresses, attendants, exact location, party details.  Or WHY they got married quickie like.  NOTHING!

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago the pair said they weren’t in a rush?  They were savoring the moment and going to plan a big shindig? 

Yeah, I’m thinking the pregnant rumors will start right about now.  What’s your guess: yes or no to baby watch?

Photos: PR Photos

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