Angelina Jolie was interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning on The Today show and admitted she wants to adopt more children. Boring! At this point, it would be more entertaining if she said the Brad and Angelina borders were shut and not accepting anymore applicants. Anyway, Matt and Angie talk about her new movie Changeling and Matt gets all googley-eyed asking if her immense beauty distracts from her work and embarrasses Angelina with that creepy Clint Eastwood quote about her having the most “gorgeous face on the planet” or whatnot.

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The interview is pretty standard, and when asked the obvious “do you want to adopt again” Angie surprised nobody by answering yes. In fact, her children are so used to new kids entering the clan that she described it in a fashion that’s really no different than when other kids get a new toy.  She also doesn’t think it is at all unhealthy for her kids to travel around the world like nomads. Sigh. 

It’s OK. We can thank Angie in advance for the fascinating E! True Hollywood Stores that are sure to come once these children hit puberty. 


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