Adrienne Bailon’s nude pictures “leaked” to the public were fake! She posed for those pictures on purpose and had a friend leak them to Internet sources so she could get some much needed publicity for her career.  How rude!

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More pictures after the bare bum…

It seemed weird that someone who stole her computer would know to look for pictures.  Because you know all criminals think to check photo drives before they chop it up and sell the pieces!  She’s obviously not that smart yet to Hollywood ways!  She should have asked her boyfriend’s sis Kim Kardashian how it all works!

Are you surprised they were a planned leak?  By the way, the publicist confirmed it to a local CBS affiliate:

Jaxson confirmed what anyone with brain has surmised all along: the entire naked picture scandal was made up in order to “juice” Bailon’s career.

“What better way to do that than to say that nude pictures could have been stolen from her laptop?” Jaxson asked, as if that’s the only way any singer has ever made it to the top.

What ever happened to having talent?

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Adrienne Bailon’s racy phots hit the internet

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