P. Diddy threw a major temper tantrum at a hired decorator once he saw how the nightclub Mansion had been transformed for his 39th birthday party. As we all know, Diddy is obsessed with the color white and wanted a white fantasy land—complete with flowers—for his bash. How girly!

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more photos after the hissy fit…

“He [the decorator] was given a budget of $7,000 and 12 hours to create an all-white décor, including 1,000 white roses, blow-ups of Diddy and Barack Obama, and $2,000 of white fabric…Diddy declared it dreadful and went into a major hissy fit, screaming, ‘Show me the receipts!’ and ‘Get the money back!’ to his assistant. Then he began ripping the fabric off the walls saying he hated it. He berated the poor young decorator to the point that the guy gave back $2,000 of the money he had spent.”

Wowza! Who’s duty is it to crush a valium and slip into his champagne? Whoever has that job needs to be terminated and replaced immediately. Never let Diddy out of his cage without his proper medication. It’s dangerous. Literally. Diddy was a holy terror on his birthday. You really gotta walk on eggshells and handle him with kid gloves. Oh, and don’t you dare not dress “presidential.”

Photos: PR Photos


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