Jennifer Aniston is in a wet T-shirt for one of her 2009 calendar pictures. Take that, Angelina Jolie!!  Jennifer can do sexy in a big and hot way too.  And actually, the picture is surprising, making one wonder if it really is Jen!

12 5 08aniston small

More pictures after the swim….

Look at the pictures really close…Do they look to be of the same in quality to you?  Maybe that’s not the right word.  Do some pictures of Jen look like she is 24 while others appear more current, like her 39 years? Maybe the pictures aren’t new, but recycled?

Nine MSM says:

The spunky actress frolicked under a waterfall in a white cheesecloth shirt for the 2009 calendar shoot. Technically she’s clothed, but unsurprisingly the thin veil of wet cheesecloth separating her from the camera lens doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

So, if they say it’s a whole new photo shoot, I guess I have to believe them.  What do you think when you look at the pictures?

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