Khloe Kardashian posed for PETA’s latest “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign. After Khloe watched a slew of PETA’s horrific films, she was saddened by the way animals were treated and decided to take a stand by take her clothes off in protest. Hey, that’s my kind of activism!

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Khloe, like a lot of people, thought animals were skinned for their fur when they were already dead. When she watched the videos she realized this wasn’t the case.

“The videos are so graphic but they are so necessary for people to watch. I’m so grateful that I did get the opportunity to see them. I had no idea that’s how these animals are treated.” Khloe said via PETA’s

When I suffered through that grating “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” show, I always likes Khloe the best out of the three Kardashian girls. She’s tomboyish, rude, didn’t feel all this ungodly pressure to have a man. She also isn’t as traditionally beautiful as the other two—which I think forced her to cultivate a personality.

No one can deny those Kardashian sisters looove to get naked, I’m just glad Khloe is stripping down for a socially worthwhile cause.

Would you pose naked for PETA? Who is your favorite Kardashian sister?

Photos: PETA, PR Photos

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