Celebrity plastic surgeries gone bad – Feast your eyes on these 13 celebrities, some of them look pretty scary to me.  Jocelyn Wildenstein, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Jodie Marsh, Pamela Anderson, Donatelle Versace, Jordan (Katie Price), Priscilla Presley, CoCo Austin, Lisa Rinna, Shauna Sand and Mickey Rourke.

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Being a celebrity isn’t always so easy, you feel pressured to look your best and probably for the same reason a lot of them try to doctor their looks by going under the knife.

Of the 13 celebrites we are posting, the Jacksons take up 3 spots; and some of these celebrities look like they have been through a cheese grater.

Would you go so far for the sake of vanity?

What do you think? Who’s had the most plastic surgeries? Not too hard, is it? Do you believe in plastic surgery? One thing I believe is to be informative, find out everything first before getting fixed.

photos: Fame

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