Joaquin Phoenix looked bad when he stepped out in public this week. Like stark raving, serial killer type, bad.  Joaquin’s pals  – Puff Daddy, Casey Affleck – didn’t seem to notice and posed for pictures and talked with him.

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More pictures after the shiver…

Joaquin said Bye! Good to Hollywood from the red carpet a couple months back.  He returned with a long beard, straggly hair and a glazed, evil look.  Dlisted says:

I just want to give him a can of RAID and some Hazmat-approved antibacterial soap, because you know there’s baby roaches living in that beard.

Yeah, he looked that good.  So, do you think Joaquin is leaving Hollywood because he is a private person or because he can do his drug habit alone?  Unfortunately, it looks like the latter.

Photos: Dlisted, PR Photos

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