Prince Harry and his Zimbabwe-born girlfriend Chelsy Davy have split up after 5 years! Prince Harry, 24 have parted amicably with Davy, a post-graduate law student at Leeds University, three weeks after the couple spent a romantic holiday together in the Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius as reports by People magazine.

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many more photos after the Royal split…

“They are remaining friends,” says the royal source. “There have been all sorts of reasons given [for the split] but suffice it to say they felt that it had run its course.”

According to the British newspaper News of the World, Davy, the daughter of a millionaire safari operator, made the decision to break up after tiring of the prince’s playboy antics.

Chelsy herself announces the end of her relationship with Prince Harry on Facebook. Her online profile was altered to say: “Relationship: Not in one.” As is customary with Facebook, all Davy’s friends received a red broken heart graphic telling them that her relationship with Harry.

The decision of Prince Harry to join the Army Air Corps to train as a helicopter pilot – which will be a minimum two-year course – meant even longer periods apart.

The Prince has reportedly also spending more of his free time partying with his Army friends, to the irritation of Davy.

The pair met through mutual friends in 2004 and conducted a long-distance relationship for three years while Davy studied at a university in Cape Town, South Africa, and Harry was enrolled at Britain’s Sandhurst military academy.

Oh well, back to the drawing board! Listen women, Prince Harry is a free man!

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