Angelina Jolie is looking for a $20 million necklace to wear to the Oscars on Sunday to outsparkle Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer managed to snag John Mayer as a date – but no word on her jewelry.  Of course, Brad Pitt will be on Angelina’s arm…but will she find the jewels?

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More pictures after the bling…

Angelina is usually low key about awards and red carpets because she’d prefer to do humanitarian work.  But supposedly, this time she is bonkers.  Maybe because she will come face to face with Jen on the red carpet?  From OK! Magazine:

“She’s been driving all of the high-end jewelers of New York crazy,” a source tells OK! “She’s looking for the impossible — a drop dead gorgeous $20 million diamond necklace to wear to the Oscars.”

Do you think this is true or made up?  Is that why she took Shiloh and Zahara shopping around town?

What about meeting face to face?  Do you think they will do it in front of live cameras and be friendly to shut the media up about their feud?  i hope they do…I’m tired of hearing about the Angie vs Jen thing!

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