Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are adopting a baby in secret. Well, it had been a secret up until now.  The couple have been trying to get pregnant for years and supposedly have even gone as far as in-vitro fertilization. Demi already has three daughter with Bruce Willis…but that was two DECADES ago.

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More pictures after the clock ticks….

Part of the problem with conceiving is probably the fact that Demi is 46 and Ashton is 30.  Any time you are over 40, it’s a crap shoot even with fertility help.  After many painful, failed attempts, the pair decided to adopt and are going through a private agency.  Per the Enquirer:

The whole family is delighted, and Demi’s three daughters by ex-husband Bruce Willis can’t wait for their new sibling to arrive, confide sources.

Demi, 46, and 30-year-old Ashton are believed to be going through a private adoption agency and hope to be by the summer.

If it’s true, then congratulations.  If not, well, how often is the Enquirer right these days?  Time will tell…

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