Bridget Marquardt has a new boyfriend, director Nick Carpenter.Sniff, sniff. The last of Hugh Hefner’s former women is finally paired off. Ah, memories. Something tells me Bridget was practically kicked out of the mansion, so it’s good she’s found some dolt to play house with her. My first reaction: who the hell is Nick Carpenter? A quick google search told me he is a director and working on some bomb movie called StarCraft II. I wasn’t curious enough to read the cheesy, sci-fi synopsis, but hey, at least he’s got a gig and he used to date Marisa Tomei.

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Bridget Marquardt is now dating director Nick Carpenter. Sniff sniff. The last of Hugh‘s girls has gone out into the wild. My first instinct was: who the hell is Nick Carpenter? Well, gentle reader, Nick Carpenter is a director who worked on a movie called StarCraft II and used to date Marisa Tomei. Right on, Bridget. He has a job!

According to things are moving along quite swimmingly:

I’m doing a club appearance in Vegas at Studio 54, so he’ll be my Valentine and go along with me. Bridget says that things are going great and they spend most of their time staying close to home, drinking wine and playing board games.  This whole dating thing feels new again and she says it’s just like being back in high school. Chatter about Nick and Bridget actually started back in September, but they have been successful at keeping it on the down low. Wondering what Hef thinks of Nick?  According to her old beau, it’s all good and he says the couple can come and hang out at the mansion anytime.

Well, bravo to Bridget. They sort of look like the odd couple but who am I to judge. I’m sure their conversation is riveting.

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