John Mayer is back to his fame-whoring ways with the media. John has moved on from his blog to Twitter and is leaving tongue-in-cheek updates alluding to rumors he plans on proposing to Jennifer Aniston this month. John may be getting himself into hot water though. Jennifer hates when he responds to all the gossip.

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On a recent tweet, John said: “Visiting the Diamond Exchange in Tustin” and “Welding An Engagement Ring For My Girlfriend.” Star magazine reported a few weeks ago that John was designing his own wedding ring for Jennifer Aniston.

What’s sort of odd about John Mayer‘s Twitter profile is that a.) he has a picture of one of the Jonas brothers as his profile pic (don’t ask me which on it is) and b.) He has over 2,000 followers but is only following 7 people himself. Coincidently, he’s following Pete Wentz. Interesting. It’s a small Hollyweird world.

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