Justin Gaston showed his bulge in VMAN Magazine. And WOW, we knew he was an underwear model but Justin is pretty sizzling, no? We don’t want to think about how he may be pleasuring himself with that tennis net, or how he Miley Cyrus may pleasure him (ewwwww), but he’s certainly a great, brainless eye candy.

2 19 09 justin front

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In the VMAN interview he talks about how being *friends* with Miley and it’s nice to have her around because she “understands” what he’s going through as a wannabe country star. Great! I’m sure Miley just loves being his mentor. He also says looks aren’t terribly important when he’s looking for a mate. Really, Justin just wants someone who is “nice.”

That would be terribly sweet. If it was actually true….

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