Rihanna’s injuries are horrific! Police has taken photos of Rihanna and the injuries are BAD as reports by TMZ. The photos show major contusions on both sides of Rihanna’s face. There is serious swelling and bruising. Rihanna’s lip is split and her nose bloody. TMZ confirms that there are bite marks on one of her arms and on several fingers. Ouch!

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more photos after the nasty fight…

Rihanna claims Brown struck her with his fists and that’s what did the damage. There was no weapon used in the alleged attack.

Rihanna refused treatment at the scene, but before she left cops took photos.

Chris had a squeaky clean image – What really got into him? He just doesn’t look like the type of guy who could really strike a woman. So is it really herpes or somebody is cheating? There’s got to be something more to it than just being in a bad argument, that’s what I think.

Chewing gum maker, Wrigley’s has officially suspended a commercial featuring Chris Brown after his arrest.

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