Hugh Hefner’s health appears to be failing. Well, it does if you are an outsider looking in and see the wrinkly old sex pot.  Because Hef heard that report and was mad and announced he is perfectly fine.  Cough cough.  He’s perfectly fine.

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More pictures after the viagara…

Several people saw Hef looking frail and under the weather at his ball this week at the mansion.  And they reported it.  From Comcast:

Fox News reported earlier today that Hef “looked far from his normally alert and healthy self” during a supposed brief appearance at Saturday’s Kandykaneland Masquerade Ball at the Playboy Mansion with new girlfriends Crystal Harris and 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Hef said he was at the party the entire night and kept going till about 4:30 in the morning. “And then I was up in the morning, played backgammon during the afternoon with a buddy before we watched the final episode of The Girls Next Door.”

As for the claim that the split from his Girls Next Door Holly, Kendra and Bridget took a toll on him, Hefner said he’s doing better than fine.

Riiiight.  Hef knew Playboy can’t handle any more bad rumors right now and wants to squash bad health ones ASAP.  What do you think – he is 83!  Take that Fox News!

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