Padma Lakshmi has a new Hardee’s commercial. Padma recently filmed a rather sexual Hardee’s commercial advertising the Hardee’s Bacon Western Thickburger. In the commercial Lakshmi sits on an apartment stoop and shovels a burger down her throat, talking about her “love affair” with food. Didn’t Paris Hilton film a sexually provocative Carl’s Jr. commercial not too long back? What is it with these burger joints? Not to mention we doubt Paris OR Padma ever touch the stuff.

3 27 09 padma hardee

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We don’t watch Top Chef, but learned when doing a little research on Padma that she was brought up a vegetarian. Hm. Great choice for a Bacon Western Thickurger spokesperson, Hardees! Personally, we hate how these unhealthy foods are glamourized. That burger probably has more fat and calories than one is supposed to consume in an entire week.

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