Zac Efron getting all hot and sexy with a naked woman, not Vanessa Hudgens in Interview magazine! Is that the whole idea of telling the world, Zac is all grown up? Breaking loose of his High School Musical teen image? His photos are in all aspects HOT!

2 24 09 efron interview

more photos of Zac getting hot & sexy with another woman in Interview magazine below..

Zac Efron recently told Elle magazine that his mom bought him an economy pack of condoms for Christmas. He has reportedly cut loose from Footloose as reports by TheWrap via Seattle PI Efron, the teen throb doesn’t want to be a cute song-and-dance man anymore.

The High School Musical graduate exited the remake of the Kevin Bacon-led ’80s classic, Footloose because he felt another song-and-dance flick could thwart his transition into adult roles — which means he’s looking for non-musicals possibly something more serious.

I definitely think he’s doing the right thing, exit while you are on top and get on to something larger. He is not 18 anymore!

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photography Mikael Jansson

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