Britney Spears thinks her dad is drugging her. Well, technically, Jamie Spears is drugging Britney because he has to control her daily pill intake since he’s in charge of the conservatorship.  Britney thinks he is over drugging her, on purpose, to control her life.  Uhhh, wake up Britney!  The judge GAVE him control until you could get it back together!

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Britney has very publicly been forced to turn her life around.  From her appearance, to her friends, to her actions, her life changes have been very much part of the public eye.  And it is too bad for her, but it is also obvious that her dad’s control is working.  Much to Britney’s dismay.  From Digital Spy:

“Her doctors have also prescribed anti-anxiety drugs Valium and Ativan to deal with stress and to help her sleep.

“As part of the court-ordered conservatorship, Jamie has to make sure Britney takes the correct dosage because she forgets to take them otherwise. But lately she’s been nodding off randomly in the middle of conversations and is convinced it’s because Jamie’s giving her too much much.”

The source adds that Britney’s friends, “tell her it’s because she’s working so hard and performing every night on her Circus tour.”

I can believe her exhaustion.  She hasn’t toured in a few years, and it does take a toll on the body.  Plus she has had two children, and that changes your body.  Britney isn’t the hot, seventeen year old thing any more and needs to get with her age.

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