Hugh Hefner, the 83-year-old Playboy mogul wants her ex-flame, Holly Madison back!  Hef told Jason Binn, editorial director of Niche Magazine’s Los Angeles Confidential, in his debut issue that he’d welcome Holly back with open arms because she is still the “love of his life.” In case if you’ve been in the cave, Madison is 29. You do the math, Hef can easily be her great grandpa in fact, he can easily be the great grandpa of all his girls. Oh, the mojo of money…right?

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more photos of Hefner and his girls below..

This is why I love writing the gossip columns, life is never mundane. Hefner is living his dreams and on his tombstone, he’ll probably has it engraved “Hefner, The world’s biggest Playboy”. Hey, I am not wishing Hef dead. I’m just thinking out loud and admire him for still living his dreams.

So what happens to Hef’s new squeezes Crystal Harris and the Shannon twins? (Kristina and Karissa Shannon)

I guess it’s still Holly that treats Hugh best. I’m off to get a bucket to clean my system. Be back in a flash.

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