Hugh Jackman is naked in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Jackman surely is making me having second thoughts after looking at these photos. Hugh is HOT! When People magazine voted Hugh as The Sexiest Man Alive last November, I thought it was a big yawn. Seeing Wolverine going all natural sure makes me have a big change of heart.

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more Hugh Jackman photos below..

Jackman is fit as a fiddle and if you were to look very careful. Not asking you to be rude but if you were.. his private parts have been digitally removed.

According to CNN:

Someone stole an “incomplete and early version” of the next installment in the blockbuster “X-Men” movie series and posted it on the Internet this week.
Twentieth Century Fox said the FBI was investigating who leaked “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,”

“The source of the initial leak and any subsequent postings will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; the courts have handed down significant criminal sentences for such acts in the past,” the studio’s statement said.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is set for release in U.S. theaters May 1. And Good God, I won’t miss it for anything!

click here to see the leaked photos

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