Is there trouble between Faith Hill and Tim McGraw? The country singing solo sensations Tim and Faith have always appeared rock solid in their marriage and their family.  But is an undercurrent brewing between the pair?

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More pictures of Tim and Faith after the break…

Now, the source is questionable, but read the clip from Blind Gossip and put together some pieces.

This Stepford Wife is close to splitting from her husband. She has actually consulted with several high-profile divorce lawyers on both coasts. The main issue here seems to be custody of their kid/s, whom the husband is intent on keeping. Thankfully, she’s gotten her parents involved, even though she had distanced herself from them over the past few years.

No It’s Not: Nicole Kidman.

So, if you look at the actresses who were in The Stepford Wives, there’s Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close and Faith Hill Nicole was ruled out.  Glen only married in 2006 and didn’t have children with that husband.  That leaves Faith Hill.  She and Tim have three daughters and have homes on both coasts.  Tim pulled out of the ACM Awards Sunday night, citing a disagreement with producers.  Was it something else?

What do you think the star looking for divorce is?

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