Jennifer Aniston is unpopular on her new movie set, The Baster. Jennifer, perhaps still reeling from her break-up with John Mayer, has been increasingly isolated and moody on set, which isn’t winning her any friends. In fact, sources are saying she held up filming because her famous tresses weren’t perfect. Ick, Jenny. Not cool.

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more photos of Jennifer after the hop…

OK! magazine reported:

“In the morning, the cast and crew had to wait to start filming without Jen because she asked for extra time to finishing blow-drying her hair,” reveals one source. And when the lunch bell rang, not only did Jen not deign to eat her Cobb salad in the company of her new co-workers, she actually had herself driven to her trailer so she could eat alone! Jen refused to walk even a step outside the restaurant during the break for lunch,” says an insider. “She had her car pull up right next to the restaurant so she could be driven less than a block to her trailer to avoid photographers.”

Maybe this is. Jen has gone down the rabbit hole. She dates a homosexual and it’s all down hill from here. Poor Jen.

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