Lily Allen admits she’s dumped boyfriends in the past for musical inspiration. Lily has never shyed away from telling music journalists that she loves to write about the demise of a relationship in her music. Even going so far as claiming it may hurt her love life—nobody wants to get involved with someone who will sell them out a few months later!

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Well, Lily took it one step further in an interview for The Radio Times a few days ago.

“I’ve actually broken up with boyfriends for inspiration,” Lily tells DJ Annie Nightingale in an interview for The Radio Times. “When I hit a period of not being able to write music, I get up and walk away. It’s pretty mean but it’s true.”

Also in the interview Lily laments that her train wreck lifestyle has garnered her more attention than her singing career. To which we say, DUH—just be happy the public hasn’t tired of you yet, Lily.

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