Salma Hayek denies multi-million dollar wedding is in the works.  Salma eloped with her billionaire boyfriend during the winter, after breaking up with him last summer.  And last summer they were supposedly having a two million dollar wedding, which Salma calls ridiculous.

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More pictures of Salma after the skip…

Salma seems like a laid back, down to Earth girl.  Which is unusual for an actress who just married a billionaire.  Refreshing, actually.  So when she says she doesn’t want a lavish wedding or party to go with it, I tend to believe her. According to People Magazine:

“I think a wedding is about love, friends, family and fun,” Hayek, 42, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I think spending millions of dollars on a wedding is ridiculous and it has never been my dream. I would never do that.”

Seriously, why can’t more famous people do that?  Look what happened at Mariah Carey’s million dollar first wedding – divorce.  Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman – divorce.  We could go on and on…at least Salma has a head on her shoulders.  It must be because she doesn’t live in Hollywood much.

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