Samantha Ronson was pissed after signing on to DJ a strip club opening on Tuesday night. Samantha signed on to perform at the opening of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and according to spies was visibly pissed when she noticed the naked dancers. Our first question: Why?! Wouldn’t that be Samantha Ronson’s dreamland? A bunch of naked ladies dancing while she DJ’s without ball-in-chain-Lindsay around?

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A contact at the club opening said:

Sam feels she got tricked into performing,” a source told the day of the party. “She didn’t know it was a strip club. She doesn’t want to go on tonight!”In fact, she wrote on her Twitter page that she was not aware that the party was at a strip club when she signed on. “Note to self: read the whole email … before saying yes to DJ gigs,” she wrote. “Sapphire??? Oops!”

According to the magazine, Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson were also in attendance.

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