Simon Cowell might be leaving American Idol. Simon has hinted recently that his days on the ridiculosly popular FOX show may be numbered, saying that he can no longer keep up the grueling schedule taping three shows a year. Simon is not only host of American Idol, which tapes in Los Angeles, but is also host of England’s X-Factor and Britian’s Got Talent. Alas, Simon is a British guy at heart. If he had to let one of the shows loose, it would be American Idol.

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Simon recently told England’s Mirror (via

I don’t want to come over as whiney because I am very grateful that I have got these jobs. But there is a point where I am not sure we can keep this schedule up. It takes longer and longer to make these shows because you have to put more into them, and I am not sure we can sustain me doing three shows a year. Most people do one show a year and I do three and they involve a lot of traveling. One may have to go. I don’t know which one. That is the problem, I like all of them. But I guess America is more likely to go because I have got one year under contract. Maybe that will be the end.”

Uh oh. Who will replace Simon Cowell?

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