Jessica Szohr, the Gossip Girl hottie strips down to her lingerie posing for Men’s Health magazine June 2009 issue. Jessica really likes beef so much that she described it as orgasmic tasting her boyfriend’s burger after being a vegetarian for 10 years.  Burger is orgasmic, wonder if she has had ribs since converting back to non-vegetarian?

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On eating like a man:
“My family makes fun of me. They say I eat like a man. But I love food that much. When I have a craving for something, I just can’t hold myself back.”

On no longer being a vegetarian:
“After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend’s. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic.”

Well, if you can eat this much and be this slim, I say what to you have to lose?

Szohr born March 31, 1985 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Szohr is of Hungarian and one quarter African-American descent. Szohr started modeling when she was only six years old and her  first national ad campaign was for Quaker Oats at 10.

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