John Mayer’s rebound fling to cocktail waitress Scheana Marie is over. John began knocking nuzzles with Scheana shortly after he and Jennifer Aniston called it quits for good. Supposedly, John slipped her his number when he was out drinking in Beverly Hills one night.

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more John Mayer photos after the diss…

This is gonna shock ya, but it looks as if John has moved on from Scheana Cocktail Waitress Flavor Of The Hour. I know, I know. I’m as floored as you. According to The New York Daily News, Scheana has been blabbing to the press too much and John has turned cold.

Marie went public about their hookup Friday, spilling details like, “I love his personality . . . he’s funny. . . . He can be, like, a dork,” to Such revelations didn’t sit well with Mayer, who hasn’t talked to her since the story came out. Another source close to Mayer tells us, “Scheana’s delusional. John’s laughed off all of this.”

Wow. John bedding and dumping a ditzy, media hungry cocktail waitress? No. Freaking. Way. The end is nigh. Store up on your canned foods.

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