Kate Gosselin, the TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star has changed so much over the years. At 34, Gosselin looks a million times better than she did a few years back even after having 8 kids. Could we give credit to having fame and fortunate? (Kate’s Before & After photos; and photo of her tummy after carrying sextuplets before the tummy tuck below)

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Kate’s Before and After photos and her tummy before the tuck below..

Kate had twins before carrying sextuplets after carrying six babies she believed she desperately needed a tummy tuck (photo below); with the help of TLC, Kate was able to get one which costed around $5,000 to $8,000.

The reality mom has also had her teeth whitened and she’s obssessed with tanning. She loves having her nails done and has quit the gym and now has a personal trainer. Kate’s hair has changed too. Now it’s the spiky, trendy blondie according to US via Babble

Jon & Kate Plus 8 returned for a new season last night on The Learning Channel. As the sextuplets turn 5, Jon and Kate had no idea what the future holds for their family and their marriage. It seems the kids are lost in the show whereas there are more commercials than anything else. Who’s cheating on who? Seriously, you still have time to stray when you have eight little kids? That’s a miracle. I won’t be surprised if all the drama is just to help stir up the tabloids and get more viewers. Look at all the commercials that the show is getting and the attention they are getting with him suspected to have cheated and then rumor of her having cheated on him just right before the new season. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to image carrying sextuplets and yes, the poor woman badly needed a tummy tuck.  Kate does look so much better than years before. Who doesn’t want to look sexy and gorgeous? Every woman has a right to look gorgeous, all right so do men. 

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