Kelly Ripa relaxing in the water at Fontainebleau Resort, in Miami, Florida. This time, these aren’t magazine photos so Kelly‘s normally airbrushed belly button is the way it is. Ripa, the Live with Regis and Kelly co-host has disclosed in the past that magazines air-brush her belly button because she has an outie button. Kelly is gorgeous and she’s in such amazing shape whether she’s got an innie or an outie, does it matter?

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Kelly has been featured numerous times in fitness magazines such as Shape, Fitness because she’s in such great shape. She is 38, mother of three children and married to her former co-star on All My Children, Mark Consuelos for the last dozen years.

Kelly isn’t just fit, she makes a killing co-hosting the Live with Regis and Kelly show. Reports have it that Ripa makes a whooping $8 million a year just doing the show. Wow! This is someone that’s too under-rated in La La Land, a great TV personality, gorgeous, fit and seems to be a happily married woman and a mom!

Little more about October 2, 1970, she’s from Stratford, New Jersey. Kelly has been been a co-host on Live with Regis and Kelly since February, 2001.

Cogratulations, Kelly, you look great even with the outie belly button!

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