Minnie Driver is wearing a wedding ring! The actress who has disappeared since giving birth last summer popped up at a park – with baby Henry in tow – sporting some bling. Minnie, did you secretly elope?

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More pictures of Minnie after the skip…

Minnie has virtually vanished since being pregnant. No roles for her lately…not even a book! What has Minnie been doing? Being a mom! From Celebrity Baby Blog:

Henry Story enjoys his mashed-up meal — courtesy of Minnie Driver — at a Malibu park on Sunday. After lunch, the 8-month-old and his actress/singer mom enjoyed some time on the swings and in the sandbox before heading home.

How has she managed to stay under the radar so well? I bet other actresses and actors are jealous and want to know her secret! Minnie was very talented, so I hate to see her leave movies. Do you think she will return in a few years like Julia Roberts did?

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