Victoria Gotti is facing foreclosure on her Long Island mansion. Victoria, famed mafia daughter of John Gotti and ex-wife of imprisoned mobster Carmine Agnello, apparently owes JPMorgan Chase $650, 000 and hasn’t made a payment in 2 years. Uh oh.

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more photos of Victoria and her Gotti boys after the hop…

The New York Daily News reported that Victoria blames her ex Carmine for all her financial difficulties, the two were involved in a messy divorce and Carmine took an $850, 000 loan on the home without her knowing.

“I won a house that was a booby prize riddled with debt,” Gotti told the Daily News. “Agnello was sprung from prison earlier this year after serving about eight years. Gotti said he still hasn’t paid court-ordered alimony or child support for his three sons although he’s living large with his new wife in a tony suburb in Ohio. “He still owes the federal government nearly $10 million and yet they still allow him to live this way?” she said.

The mansion is now on the market for $3 million, with yearly tax bills of $92, 000.

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