Will Smith’s version of Karate kid is different than the original. So tell me, if you are remaking a movie, how can you alter it from the original?? Will thinks he can and that his changes will make it even better. Well, he’s Will Smith, anything is possible.

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More pictures of Will after the skip…

The changes Will is making include character names, activities and small plot lines. Why? From Slash Film:

The Daniel Larusso character, played by Jaden Smith, has been renamed Dre (I kid you not) and is a skateboarding video game buff. With the fear of layoffs looming over her U.S. job, Dre’s single mother accepts an offer to transfer to the China office. Of course, unable to speak Chinese, Dre finds it hard to settle in, and gets beat up by the local bully.

The Mr. Myiagi character has been renamed Mr. Han, played by Jackie Chan, spots a black-eyed Dre practicing martial-arts kicks as part of a Wii-style video game and agrees to teach him both martial arts and Chinese.

Yes, add the Wii to the movie and now you have instant sponsorship from Nintendo. Will the kids watching this movie in 20 years even know what a Wii is? Ask the teens now about 8 tracks… Making a movie using technology will only date it and not let it be a classic.  Are you going to watch Will’s version?

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