Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are definitely dating. It’s been rumored for eons now that Robert and Kristen are riding the Vampire Of Love together, but sources close to the pair (once again) have confirmed the coupling.

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more photos of Kristen and Robert after the hop…

Rob and Kristen are definitely together!” The source added, “Rob has been crazy about Kristen since they first started filming Twilight. Even though Kristen had a boyfriend at the time, Rob made sure she knew he was crazy about her.” via Hollyscoop. Kristen and Rob have been dating for a while, but they have been very hush, hush,” says our source. “Right now is a crazy time for Kristen and Rob, they can’t go anywhere because the paparazzi follow them. They can’t even leave they house because it’s swarmed with paparazzi.”

Wonderful. Kristen and Rob are dating. Can we all please go on with our lives now?

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