Heidi Montag now preaches against birth control. Heidi’s diatribe now means that a) she wasn’t hacked and she really believes this stuff or b) she has been hacked repeatedly. Did Heidi contract some rare tropical disease in the jungle while filming the reality show that makes her spout out this nonsense?

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More pictures of Heidi after the leap….

What Heidi is spouting is not nonsense in the way of beliefs. It is nonsense that HEIDI is the one spouting it. Birth control? Come on…if Heidi and Spencer didn’t use it, she would already have a baby by now.  After all, she IS married to him. She says in  radio interview via the Superficial:

I was just saying about birth control, because I got very scared about it the other day and I felt like God was telling me that this was something just created by the government that is really bad for my body and I was just getting sick, and I researched it, and one of the founding people who invented birth control said it was the worst thing they had ever done, they wished they’d never created it, how it morally corrupted society, it’s just sickening to him. How it devalues women, how it causes depression, how it can cause cancer, how it sterilizes your body, and what it does to your body, how most women are suicidal sometimes on it, and in fact, in order to even stabilize the population right now, each woman would have to have three children, that the population is decreasing so much that population control is just a myth.

That’s a mouthful. Do you believe any of what Heidi said? Do you believe Heidi believes what she said?

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