Kelly Osbourne smacks Lady GaGa with a verbal takedown. Well, it appeared that way at first, but Kelly has come out and either changed her story or realized her gaffe. Yeah, if I was Kelly I wouldn’t want Lady GaGa waiting for me in a dark corner.

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More pictures of Kelly after the jump…

The original quote stated via the Female First says:

“She’s a butterface – she has everything but the face, she reminds me of Peaches Geldof. I love Lady GaGa’s tracks but I just wish she’d keep her mouth shut. She talks way too much and has too much attitude. It’s starting to make me go off her.”

Ouch! Then she retracted what was said and claims via Perez Hilton:

“i have a big mouth and thats no secret . i often say things that get me into trouble but i always stand by them BUT when words are being put into my mouth and things are being printed that i did not say it really makes me really mad. i am a huge fan of lady gaga. if anything i’m slightly jealous of her wardrobe and i am definitely in no position to be calling anyone a butter face.”

So, what version do you believe of Kelly’s? Why would those words be printed if she didn’t say something close to that?

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